Transform. The Future Is Now.

Transform the way you work with the collaborative power of people and intelligent automation.

Imagine a world where people and digital workers collaborate seamlessly. Where customers are serviced better, employees work smarter and happier, and organisations realise far greater productivity to achieve strategic business goals. Imagine a world where you can effortlessly harness the power of two.

This isn’t the future. The technology you need to reimagine your business is here! But it’s more than acquiring new technology, it’s how you implement it to drive business outcomes.

Blue Prism World on Tour APAC is a hybrid event bustling with unique perspectives and incredible stories.

Watch the sessions on-demand, as we navigate — through the eyes of our customers — the vision and strategies you need for success.

We’ll demonstrate how business leaders in the Asia Pacific can achieve key goals, like employee retention and customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, as well as return on investment.

We’ll immerse you in an intelligent automation production that will inspire creativity, as we showcase the most innovative uses of automation and AI technologies. You’ll have information on the latest solutions, best practice guidance, and the chance to consult our customer experts.

See you there!


Blue Prism World Themes


The Power of Two

Imagine being able to harness the collaborative power of human and digital workers to impact productivity in all areas of your organisation. An outcome like this comes not only from the technology itself but also from the way you implement it. We’ll look at all the creative ways you can implement intelligent automation to achieve incredible results.


The Future Workforce

Intelligent automation enables AI-fueled digital workers, people, and systems to work together seamlessly as a unified workforce. Learn how this unification can enable your people to focus on the things they do best — being creative, innovative, and productive — all the while enabling you to better serve your customers and meet key business goals.


Cloud Innovation Enabling the Power of Transformation

The cloud is a great enabler for innovation and transformation, and its flexibility and resilience have been demonstrated clearly through the last couple of years of uncertainty.

Discover how intelligent automation on the cloud is operationalising AI, opening the fastest path to innovation and digital transformation. Speed is of the essence in disruptive innovation and gaining the first-mover advantage. Learn how you can make the cloud work for you at every stage of your automation and transformation journey.

2022 Event Highlights

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